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Friday, June 29, 2012

Columbus area McDonald's employee in national news after Reddit Q and A

An Ohio man from the Columbus area has made national headlines for a Reddit conversation he hosted in which he divulged some interesting information about his employer, McDonalds. Here is the full Reddit converstion and here is our recap of "GameMisconduct63's" best stuff:
Eh, yea no kid.
First he is asked what his craziest fight story is. In that story he drops a hint that he may be an Ohioan by mentioning Kroger. Someone asks if he is and sure enough he admits to living in Columbus....thus narrowing down our list of possible McDonalds he works at.
Next he gives us some intriquing information on why sauce costs money at some locations:
Surprise, surprise here. The McDonald's employees sell weed to one another in the parking lots in Columbus.
And we will end on this heartwarming note. The McDonald's he works at is good to the community:
Article by Reid Bremer.

Sullinger goes to Boston Celtics with pick #21

Boston fans react to getting a winner. Photo from
Boston may just be a lucky charm for Jared Sullinger and the cities' Celtics may have struck a pot of gold in nabbing Jared Sullinger with the 21st pick in Thursday nights NBA draft then following that up by selecting former Syracuse center and 7'1'', Fab Melo.

Sullinger a player who was mentioned as a possible top-5 pick if he would have came out of college after his freshman season fell to #21 after he was medically red-flagged by NBA doctors at the pre-draft combine.

Sullinger was an All-American in his time at Ohio State. While in high school  he won the Naismith Award as high schools best male basketball player his senior year and was the #2 recruit in the 2010 class according to ESPN. Sullinger was part of one team that went to the sweet 16 and a final four team this past season at OSU. His numbers at Ohio State were as follows:

2010-2011: 17.2 ppg, 10.2 rebounds

2011-2012: 17.5 ppg, 9.3 rebounds

Sullinger missed time in the middle of this past season due to back spasms, something that likely knocked him from the first round.

Buckeye wing man, William Buford, went un-drafted, but will likely end up somewhere for summer camp or play right away in one of the larger European leagues.

Here is Sullinger being interviewed immediately following being drafted by the Celtics. The bottom video shows his reaction upon his name being announced at a viewing party with friends and family. Both videos are courteousy of  NBC4i:


Cavs have solid draft despite detractors, find Kyrie complement on wing

Kyrie Irving, the man who needs some help.
People are already rushing to criticize the Cavaliers draft moves tonight. Bleacher Report for example rated the Cavs #4 pick of Dion Waiters a C- while rating the Cavs end of the bargain on the Tyler Zeller trade a paultry and embarassing D-. I say "au contraire, mon frere" to these detractors though. The Cavs had themselves a pretty damn good draft filling critical voids that they dearly needed to and putting themselves in position to be a playoff contender in the now and well into the future.

Everyone knows the Cavs needed one thing more than all else, a wing player to help take the scoring burden off of Kyrie Erving. While not the ideal pick of Bradley Beal the Cavs got the second best shooting guard in the draft and someone who can likely come in and contribute similar numbers to those of his in college immediately. Waiters will have to refine his shooting stroke, but he has incredible athleticism and good measurables at a robust 6'4", 221 lbs.

Let us also remember that Waiters left the NBA Combine early on day numero uno after likely getting assurances from one or more teams that he would definitely be selected in the lottery by them if still available. It was speculated that it may have been the Toronto Raptors at #8 or the Phoenix Suns at #13. Either way it sounds like multiple teams were highly convinced on the NBA player Waiters would become.

Dion Waiters.
The Cavaliers had the chance to draft North Carolina small forward Harrison Barnes, but passed. It is too early to tell if this was a foolish or wise decision by a long shot, but I strongly believe Dion Waiters likely would have been a top 5 pick next year had he stayed to show he could dominate as a starter at Syracuse. He does not shy away from shooting, he does not shy away from contact on the drive either. This fit exactly what the Cavaliers needed in a 2 guard. Maybe the Cavs were worried like other teams that Barnes didn't have enough of a first step to create separation at the NBA level. Either way I like both Barnes and Waiters to have solid careers in the NBA and make at least one all-star appearance each. I think the Cavs just felt Waiters upside was stronger. 

Tyler Zeller.
Now onto the big trade for UNC center Tyler Zeller. Bleacher Report rated the trade a D- for the Cavs which I think shows that whoever wrote the article knows not of what he speaks. You like that old English there don't you? But in all cerealness hopefully that guy took into account the fact that one of those three picks was disposable to the Cavaliers because no team is going to place 4 rookies on their NBA 12-man roster and few are even willing to place 3 on there for that matter.

The gentleman who rated the trade on Bleacher Report cited that while Zeller could definitely contribute immediaely on offense and on the boards he "would never be better than the worst starter on a good NBA team". Here is why I disagree and think the Cavaliers made the best move possible. 

First of all right now Tyler Zeller considerably better than Fab Melo or Festus Ezeli who were going to possibly available with their 24th pick. The Cavs had no guarantees on those guys being there anyways when they picked and of the two they likely only coveted Melo. And I do agree Melo may have a higher ceiling than Zeller, especially defensively, but Zeller is polished and a good 3 or 4 years ahead of Melo's development. Partly attributable to his full four years at UNC and Melo's rough transition to American life after moving from his native Brazil.

I am not at all selling Zeller short either. In Zeller the Cavs get a big man who can help score to complement Waiters as he develops. After a wing man the Cavs most pressing concern was a big man who could hit the boards and bring some offensive acumen. Current front court players, Anderson Varejao and Tristan Thompson are both solid, but defensive/rebounding-minded big men. Zeller is well balanced, good in transition for a 7 footer, good on the boards and has a gorgous baby hook. He will likely never be a dominant defensive player, but the Cavs are banking on that being Tristan Thompsons role at power forward.

So all in all I think the Cavaliers played their hands well. They got an explosive wing man to pair with ROY Kyrie Irving and they solidified their front court with a 7 footer in Zeller. I think with tonight's moves by Cleveland it is safe to say this is one of the up and coming teams in the NBA. I expect these additions to catapault the Cavs into playoff contenders immediately. If they fall short in year one they will definitely make it in year two and from that point forward be lock-ins for the post-season as long as they can keep this young nucleus intact.

Here is footage of Dion Waiter's interview with local Cleveland ABC affiliate


And here is a pretty funny clip from last nightdraft of ESPN's Rece Davis baking on a Miami Heat fan: 

Mother-in-law pleads guilty in Athens area septic tank murder

Summer Inman featured to the top left.
Article via the San Francisco Chronicle:

LOGAN, Ohio (AP) — The mother-in-law of a woman found strangled in a septic tank pleaded guilty on Thursday to all charges related to her death and was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.

Hocking County prosecutor Laina Fetherolf said attorneys had reached a plea deal with Sandra Inman, who had pointed authorities to her daughter-in-law's body.

Inman, 47, pleaded guilty to charges of murder, kidnapping, tampering with evidence and gross abuse of a corpse.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ohio State and other Ohio public colleges to get complete campus bans on smoking?

Article by Reid Bremer:

The Ohio State University is one of a handful of colleges considering complete tobacco smoking bans on their campuses. Ohio State isn't the only school in Ohio considering this move either. Ohio higher education officials plan to vote on the issue next month which could mean a ban at all public schools in the state.

Other schools that have gone this route include the University of Missouri which will make the change in 2014 and all of the schools in the California state college system which will do so starting in 2013. Ohio State is one of the schools that had already banned smoking inside of its buildings.

Detractors argue that when you don't allow students to smoke on campus they are more likely to result to smokeless tobacco which can be more addictive than the prior alternative.

Violations of campus smoking bans will likely pack little punch in the punishment department however. Repeat offenders will be the only ones likely to face repercussions.

Tobacco companies will be fighting the implementation of rules like this on campuses around the country. Their lobbying resources are focused on the state and national levels. Lobbyists may pursue state level legislation that only allows state governments to issue bans on tobacco usage thus eliminating colleges from making such decisions.

What do you think? Would a law like this at Ohio universities be too much or is it justified?

Kasich signs bill making human trafficking laws harsher

Photo of John Kasich at bill signing in Toledo.
Via Toledo Blade.
In the world of human trafficking Toledo, Ohio is pretty high profile. The city is a major hub for this act due to its location on the highway connecting two of America's three largest cities, Chicago and New York City. That is why Ohio Governor John Kasich, while in Toledo, took to signing a bill into law that will make human trafficking laws stricter in the state. Prior to this bill human trafficking was only a second-degree felony. The new law signed by Kasich will make human trafficking a first-degree felony and that is punishable by 15 years in prison.

The bill passed on a unanimous vote and will immediately go into effect. It will also create a fund to be used by those who have been victims of human trafficking. Along with that it will make it easier for victims to have charges like prostitution and solicitation expunged from their criminal records if they have been forced into trafficking.

A letter to LeBron haters

Article by Ohio State student and Jacksonville, Florida native Adam Jones. Jones is a Buckeye Battle State contributor and has his own sports blog titled the Sports Jones. Warning: article is pro-LeBron for any Clevelanders who may not like that. But Jones is asking an important question, what exactly has LeBron done to garner such scorn and hatred? However, Jones' opinions on the LeBron debate do not reflect the views of Buckeye Battle State.
I have some really bad news. The king has a ring. The only thing left to hate on is his receding hairline. And that is obviously something worth hating. He has his ring. He has learned what to do in clutch games. And you know what sucks the most for you guys? Lebron James is still only 27 years old. He is entering his 10th season, but he is still only 27. Yikes. MJ was 27 when he won his first ring. You better find some other superstar athlete to hate on sometime soon because all of your comments about Lebron are becoming more and more irrelevant by the day. I think Russell Westbrook might be available. Just ask Skip Bayless.
But I realize that, for one reason or another, some people will always hate Lebron. Heck, he was number four on the list of most disliked athletes this year. Which, of course, makes total and complete sense. I mean who doesn’t hate a superstar player who took less money to have a chance to be successful? Especially someone like Lebron who does charity events and sets up foundations to help underprivileged kids graduate high school. Now there is a man you want to hate. I would never want my kids growing up and giving back like Lebron. He was voted more disliked than Kobe Bryant, who quite publicly cheated on his wife. Really? But hey, everyone knows that was the #8 Kobe who did that. #24 Kobe would never do such a thing! And what about Dwight Howard? He got his coach and GM fired and he still wants to be traded. Yeah, what Lebron did by switching teams to have a better chance to win is just awful.
It is time to swallow your pride and recognize how great Lebron really is. With this championship, he has validated his place as one of the top NBA players of all-time.
It is time for everyone to stop hating on Lebron. And I mean everyone. Let’s go through a list.
To the Lebron haters from Cleveland – let me be clear…I understand he left you guys with basically no team. And The Decision was not the best way to do it. But come on, ownership did NOTHING to get Lebron help. Wally Szczerbiak, Mo Williams, an old, injured Shaq? Please. At one point, all they had to do was trade JJ Hickson for Amare Stoudemire, but the Cavs did not want to get rid of Hickson. Think about that for a second. That is embarrassing. I guarantee you that Lebron would have stayed in Cleveland if that trade went down. I would have taken my talents to South Beach right after that atrocity. 7 years in Cleveland and the next best player was Mo Williams or Big Z.  So you want to hate on him for leaving? Be upset at the way he left, but do not be upset that he left. Oh, and by the way, he is not from Cleveland. He is from Akron. That’s not the same place.
To the Lebron haters that go to (my school) Ohio State – I assume that many of you are Cavs fans. But for those of you who are not, let me put something in perspective. Urban Meyer is our head football coach right now. He “retired” from Florida once the team started going downhill, and now he is up here. I am from Florida and let me tell you, people complain just as much about Urban leaving as they do Lebron in Ohio.
I read a tweet from @buckeye_nation (an account that supports OSU) that said “The #Heat represent everything that is wrong with pro sports.” I’m sorry, but what have they done different than the Celtics? It is time to stop. Also, do OSU fans realize that Lebron sponsors the (reigning Final Four) basketball team? Yeah, he is actually supporting our school. It makes absolutely no sense to hate him.
To the haters who say Lebron is not “clutch” – Dwyane Wade played the entire NBA playoffs with a bad knee. You could tell in the first round. He was effective, but not explosive. Lebron led this team. He put the team on his back. There is no denying this fact. Let me just throw out some stats for you haters:
  • The Heat were 9-0 following a loss in the playoffs
  • In 2 elimination games against Boston, Lebron averaged 38 ppg, 13.5 rpg while shooting 60%
  • Down 1-2 to IND, he put up 40-18-9 to tie the series
  • Down 2-3 to Boston, he put up 45-15-5 to tie the series
Did Lebron make any game-winning shots? No. That is not really his version of clutch. If you have watched him as long as I have, you will know that Lebron always thinks there is a better shot for someone else on the court, even if the best shot is with him shooting it. But he made some huge shots down the stretch, including in games 2 and 4 of the Finals. I’m not sure that he will ever be comfortable with a last-second shot, but he certainly is comfortable in series swinging games. And, if you ask me, that is more clutch than making one shot at the end of the game. He continued to put his team in position to win every game.
To those of you who hate Lebron for joining forces in Miami – the man did what was best for him. There is no doubt there. Where was the hate when Ray Allen and KG joined Paul Pierce in Boston? Granted neither of them was of the superstar caliber that Lebron is, but still. Also, look what Bosh has turned out to be. There is no doubt that he is absolutely essential to the team, but he is not putting up any numbers close to those of Toronto. He is a great player, but no superstar. It isn’t even unfair for him to be on the Heat like many people said in the beginning. Just look at the last two postseasons and how close they came to elimination.
I imagine that people in this category also say things like “MJ never would’ve joined Larry or Magic.” Does it occur to you that Lebron is not MJ? They are not the same person. No one will be better than MJ. It is just not possible. Plus, I would say MJ had some pieces to work with, such as Pippin, Rodman, Kerr, etc. Who did Lebron have? Larry Hughes? Sasha Pavlovic? Don’t even get me started on this again.
To the haters who are “fans” of the NBA – if you do not follow a specific team or player, how do you hate the Miami Heat and Lebron James? This team is the best thing that has happened to the league in the last decade. Perhaps not competition wise since the league has become increasingly top-heavy, but the Heat bring so much positive attention to the league that cannot be denied. Also in this category, I would like to acknowledge those “fans” who miraculously change alliances depending on who the Heat are playing. Congratulations to you. It was so much fun to watch all of the Piston, Magic, Pacer, Celtics, and Thunder “fans” appear and then disappear over the years.
I feel this is the best place to address those of you who are fans of specific teams. Go ahead and dislike Lebron all you want. I understand that. You dislike competition. It is still important to recognize what he has accomplished. There is no reason to hate on him. Personally, I dislike Russell Westbrook and Rajon Rondo because of their attitudes during the game. They are as talented as anyone and I respect that, but the play and act like punks. Still, I would love to have them on my team.
To the haters who think the officials wanted Miami to win – the officiating throughout the entire postseason was extremely suspect in each and every game. Fouls were called with absolutely no contact and flopping was all over the place. But let me ask you a question…if the referees are calling it, why wouldn’t Lebron take advantage? Every NBA player does this. But you only notice when Lebron does it. What about James Harden or Manu Ginobli? Nope. It is Lebron and only Lebron. Stop being blinded by your own denial. Also, I don’t think referees help a team make 3’s. So how do you explain game 5? ….That’s what I thought.
Why did I feel the need to write this? Because, no matter what Lebron does, he will never do enough for you. I have had to listen to you people rant for 9 years. “Lebron can’t do this, Lebron can’t do that. KD should have been the MVP this year, Derrick Rose is the best player in the league, the Heat will get swept, etc.” Well guess what? None of those statements turned out to be true. And I know it hurts you so bad. You have been reduced to individuals who hate on a man for taking less money to have a better chance to win. Enjoy that title.
I’ll wrap up by saying this: watch out. Lebron figured out how he is the most effective. The hardest championship is the first. You better hope I am wrong about this, but I predict he will finish with 4 rings. In the meantime, you will continue to critique him. You will hate on his bike, lifestyle, fake glasses, or his phone that now ‘only rings once’. But do you know what the top comment is so far from you haters? 
He only has one ring.
But he is better than you will ever be.
Enjoy the reign of King James, haters. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Presidential race virtual tie in Ohio

Polls are showing one thing is clear early in the election process in Ohio: things are a dead heat between Romney and Obama in the state. New polling in Ohio from Public Policy Polling shows Obama with a slight advantage of 47 to 44. This is within the 3.6% margin of error meaning an actual vote could yield a Romney victory in one of the states critical to Obama's win in 2008. Here is how Ryan Witt of the Examiner breaks things down:
"A Real Clear Politics average of five polls from the last two months has Obama with a smaller, one-point lead, 45.8% to 44.8%. Two other polls from Purple Strategies and Rasmussen Reports showed Romney ahead in Ohio, but each poll was released more than two weeks ago.

Ohio is probably second only to Florida in importance in the 2012 presidential election. The state is really a must win for Romney, and the state looks more competitive according to these recent polls. At this point, the state is a true toss-up, and the economy may serve as the tiebreaker between the two candidates."
Here is an overall breakdown via Five Thirty Eight:

Ohio likely to reintroduce immigration legislation in state

     In wake of the high court ruling on Arizona's immigration reform representatives from Ohio and Kentucky may reintroduce related legislation in their own states. Courtney Combs a state representative from the Butler County area in southwestern Ohio will be the congressman likely reintroducing such legislation in Ohio. 
Representative Combs seen with Governor John Kasich.
     The law in Arizona that the Supreme Court of the United States addressed Monday allowed for police to arrest persons on suspicion of being in the country illegally if they couldn't show proper identification. Those provisions in the law were struck down. Other parts were left by the court that still allow for police to check someones immigration status at a traffic stop, but even if found in violation they can not be detained because of this.
     Ohio would adopt a law based on the part of the Arizona law that was not struck down by the Supreme Court. Ohio officers would thus be aloud to see if those pulled over at traffic stops are here legally, but not press any charges if they are found to be in violation.
Article by Reid Bremer.

Who will the Cleveland Cavs draft Thursday night?

The Cleveland Cavaliers currently have no dearth of draft selections with the #4, #24, #33, #34 overall picks in Thursday nights NBA draft. Who they will use those picks on however belies even the most veteran of analysts. It has been rumored that the Cavaliers are looking into potential trades with Charlotte, Portland and others.

If they decide to keep the #4 pick at worst they are guaranteed one of three potential elite level wingmen in Florida's Bradley Beal (SG), Kentucky's Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (SG/SF), or UNC's Harrison Barnes (SF). There is no doubt that the Cavs most dire need is someone on the wing to help score and take the burden off ROY Kyrie Irving.

But should they trade down and get a potential great center in UConn's Andre Drummond if they feel they can grab someone who can score on the wings later in the draft?

First lets look at trade rumors and where that would leave the Cavaliers:

Charlotte Bobcats: Cavs are rumored to be in talks to trade their #4 and #24 picks for the #2 overall pick.

Upside: They get the guy they want. Beal, Kidd-Gilchrist or Barnes. Which perhaps they are really sold on some one of them becoming a super-star. They also still have two of the first picks in the second round left over. #24 isn't a huge difference from #33 and #34, but it is a difference nonetheless. This is a deep draft class in the middle though even if it is a bit weak at the very top.

Downside: They lose the #24 pick which they could use on someone like Fab Melo, Royce White or Jared Sullinger who could come in and contribute on a team that needs size right away. Plus the differences between the three are like splitting hairs.

Portland Trailblazers: Cavaliers would trade #4 and #24 picks for the #6 and #11 picks in the draft.

Upside: Get two picks in the lottery. Have a chance to grab a potential great center in Drummond or Barnes if he is still available at 6. If they take Drummond they could hope Jeremy Lamb falls to #11. If they are lucky enough to get Barnes at #6 then they could use #11 to get a center like Zeller or Leohnard.

Downside: Unknown of Drummond and no guaranteed scorer unless they can get Barnes at #6 or Jeremy Lamb at #11. Also it has been reported that the Trailblazers would like to hold onto their #6 recently. This may just be a ploy by the team to get more in a potential trade. Would the Cavs have to throw in one of their other 2nd rounders? And would that be worth it?

My take:

I think the Cavs should hold onto their two first rounders and hope the Bobcats take Thomas Robinson leaving them their choice between two of the three (Beal, Barnes, Kidd-Gilchrist). If not they will still get one of the three and can pick up a big man like Fab Melo, Jared Sullinger, Festus Ezeli or Royce White with their second pick and some future role players with their two early second rounders.

If they are gonna make a trade the Portland option is the only one worth their time possibly even if they have to give up the #33 or #34 pick in the deal as well. Even if they don't get one of the big three they could get Drummond and then Jeremy Lamb, Dion Waiters or Austin Rivers. I have a feeling the Cavs only yearn for Lamb of the aforementioned three.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sully not invited to NBA Draft, stock falling

Article by ESPN's Chad Ford:
Former Ohio State star and two-time all-American Jared Sullinger will watch the NBA draft inside a Columbus restaurant, not in the green room in Newark's Prudential Center, after the NBA declined to invite him to Thursday's draft.
NBA executive vice president Stu Jackson told that Sullinger would not be invited based on the reports the league had received that Sullinger wouldn't be selected in the top 15.
"He's more likely to go in the teens or in the 20s," Jackson said. "We continue to have contact with teams, but at this late date we don't anticipate inviting him."

Monday, June 25, 2012

Reasons why Mitt Romney should and shouldn't pick Rob Portman for VP

Senator Portman and Mitt Romney tour a plant in Ohio.
Ohio's own, Rob Portman, is one of the names continually being tossed around as a potential Romney V.P. selection. Portman is currently being vetted by the Romney Camp and will likely be one of the handful of finalists for the job. Here are the upsides and downsides to Romney making Portman his running mate then what I think the final outcome will be.


#1: Rob Portman hails from one of the most critical battleground states in America, Ohio. This alone would likely give Romney a noticeable bump in the state even if Portman does have a low profile for someone who has served in a presidential cabinet as well as in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. Nonetheless many Ohioans already know who he is and those who don't already would become aware of him quickly. People in this state love Ohio guys and I think Portman would really click with voters.

#2: Portman could also help in some other key midwest battleground states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. States in this region are similar and so are the way their people think. Portman would undoubtedly be a hit in these other states.

#3: Portman would give a disfunctional republican party in Ohio something to unite behind. I don't think the bitter quarrel between republican head Kevin DeWine and republican Governor John Kasich has started to affect the race in Ohio yet. As things heat up in the coming months however, having an organized and cohesive base in each state will become more important. Having an Ohioan running on the ticket such as Portman would help ease tensions within the a divided Ohio GOP. This could result in a several percentage point difference in vote totals within the state at the end of the day.

#4: Portman has lots of experience in Washington D.C. which is one thing that Mitt Romney can't say. Romney has experience as a business executive and governor, but not Portman's history as a U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator and member of the Bush Administration. I will get to why that last bit there could go either way in the next section.


#1: Portman is not the most recognizable of U.S. Senators and comes off as a bit bland. These characteristics might help in conservative and moderate regions, but will definitely hurt in more diverse battleground states like Florida, Arizona and Virginia that have large Hispanic and minority populations. Another contender like Ricky Rubio or Jeb Bush could be a more likely choice due to those reasons.

#2: Along with that, Portman is surprisingly unknown to even his own electorate. He skated into his Senate position with ease in a lopsided victory over Ohio Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher in 2010. He had a large cash advantage so was able to run mostly positive ads making him less recognizable to voters for the sheer fact that he wasn't in your face in his campaign.

#3: Portman has a lot of experience in politics and unofrtunately some of that comes from working for the Bush administration as Director of the Office of Budget Management or OMB. Any connection to Bush four years ago would have been a political death wish, but feelings towards Bush have faded as the former president has stayed out of the spotlight. Has it been long enough for Portman's ties to be overlooked by voters? I'd say most likely, but there is always that chance.


At the end of the day Ohio has predicted 25 of the last 27 winners and 12 consecutive. I believe that if someone wants to win the rights to the White House they will have to win in Ohio yet again. This does not mean Rob Portman is the only key and it doesn't mean you forget about battleground states like Virginia and Florida and how you play there. It does however mean that if you want to have a chance you better consider Portman long and hard. I predict out of the names being thrown around now only Rubio and Portman will remain in the end. If it is not one of them it will be someone who comes out of left field again like Palin in 2008. I will tell you what though, if I were Obama I'd be very afraid of a Romney-Portman ticket just because of Ohio's history in calling presidential elections.

Article by Buckeye Battle State's Reid Bremer. 

Ohio State University to go ahead with $483M parking plan

Article via Mark Niquette of Bloomberg Online: 
The Ohio State University, less than a year after joining elite private schools in selling 100-year bonds, wants to lease its parking operations for five decades as its state funding declines.
Staff parking lot with Fisher Business School
in the background. Photo from WOSU.
The board of trustees for the third-largest U.S. campus by enrollment is to vote today on a plan to accept $483 million in return for giving up parking revenue and management during the lease. Ohio State, with about 57,000 students, says the venture would be a first among public colleges. Schools, including Indiana University, are interested.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pair of 80+ Ohio great-grandmas skydive for charity

Photo of Marianna Sherman from
Sgt. 1st Class Mark Owens. 
Lima, Ohio- A pair of great-grandmothers from Lima and Kenton are in the national news after performing the most hardcore thing I've ever heard of two great-grandmothers doing. Skydiving to raise money for charity.

82 year old Marianna Sherman (Kenton) and 83 year old Marjorie Bryan (Lima) performed their stunt to raise money for a northwest Ohio food bank. This food bank is a chapter of the Blue Star Mothers of America. The proceeds will be used to feed veterans.

Both women partook in tandem jumps and it was not your average Joe accompanying them. The same man who has jumped with George H.W. Bush, Sgt. 1st Class Michael Elliot, jumped with each of the ladies. According to FOX News Bryan stated she'd like to jump alongside Bush if he jumps for his upcoming 90th birthday. She may just end up getting an invite.

Here is a link to some things for sale from Blue Star Mothers, the Lancaster chapter has ornaments listed to raise money

NFL Rookie Symposium starting today in Aurora, Ohio

Rookie NFL draftees will gather in the Cleveland area over the next week to take part in the rookie symposium.

The rookies will get the chance to hear advice on a range of topics including defining success, how to avoid off the field problems, how to be responsible members of the league, player health and decision making. While visiting the players will also get to spend a day in Canton at the Pro Football Hall of Fame and spend time at the symposium learning about NFL history. 

Pacman didn't know he'd lose $10 million over the summer. 
One current Ohio NFL player will be a speaker at the symposium. Cincinnati Bengal, Adam "Pacman" Jones, will be one of the players in the NFL speaking and will hopefully be speaking on what not to do as he just lost over $10M in a lawsuit last week. 

This resulted from a shooting he was involved in at a club where he was "making it rain" early in his NFL career. The shooting involving his entourage took place at a club and one man, a bouncer, was left paralyzed. He and his wife won major compensation in civil courts. 

Michael Vick will be another one of the current NFL players speaking who have had serious of the field issues. Terrell Owens, LaVar Arrington and Michael Irvin will be a few of the veterans speaking. All men bring different backgrounds and stories, but valuable advice that these young men should take to heart. Lots of these guys have seen it all and know what to not do . 

NFC draft picks visit for 4 days starting this Sunday morning and ending Wednesday. AFC draft picks will come Wednesday and visit through next Saturday. The symposium is located in Aurora, about 20 minutes southeast of downtown Cleveland. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Is Iphone's Siri racist? (Video)

Enjoy this hilarious video of Apple's Siri being racist. Video is fake obviously so calm down Glen.

                                     Funny videos

Ohio State gets big win against.....ESPN in Ohio Supreme Court ruling

Many Ohio State fans and furthermore many of the people that run the university felt like ESPN was
excessively harsh on the school putting relations between OSU and ESPN at an all time low. 

Article by Andrew Welsh-Huggins of CBS Money Watch:

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio Supreme Court on Tuesday sided with Ohio State University in an open records lawsuit brought by ESPN over documents it sought from the university related to the 2011 football team scandal and NCAA investigation.

The network had sued the university alleging it violated state public records law by denying requests for items regarding the forced resignation of football coach Jim Tressel and star quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

Among records sought were correspondences referring to Ted Sarniak, reportedly a mentor of Pryor in his hometown of Jeannette, Pa.

Ohio State had already released hundreds of pages of documents to ESPN and other media outlets, including The Associated Press, by the time ESPN filed its lawsuit in July and argued that the university improperly cited a federal student-records privacy law in denying some records and improperly removing names from others....
Tressel and Pryor.

Comfest set to take place this weekend in downtown Columbus

People enjoy themselves at one of the stages located inside of Goodale Park at Comfest.
       Columbus, Ohio's June Community Festival could easily be called "the biggest festival that not many people outside of Columbus seem to have heard about". That's kind of a long name, but it could totally be called that. However it is a big deal for Columbusites. This years festival is set to take place during the upcoming weekend of June 22nd and as always the festival will start on a Friday night and run through Sunday. During the course of the 3 day festival all types overrun Goodale Park adjacent to the Short North and downtown. Hippies, young professionals, suburban families with children, Asians, whites, blacks and just about any type of person you can think of converge on the large park and essentially occupy it for long days and nights of drinking, pot smoking, art, community and what seems to be the cohesive for all this, music. For those who have not been it is a sight to be seen. Everyone in the community comes together to join in celebration of what a great city we live in. And believe me this town's citizens do let go.
        Community Festival beer mugs have become a staple in the cabinets of many a home around Columbus. From the nice living room bar fridge in suburban Dublin to the hipster house of 20 somethings in Victorian Village. Festival goers can purchase this mug then buy coins to fill it up at stations located around the park all weekend. Columbus Brewing Co. is one of the vendors offering beer there. The streets that make up the perimeter of the park are lined with street vendors or people peddling causes (most of them liberal). Walking along them you will likely catch a topless woman with their body painted as Columbus has no law against this and some people take advantage of this break in the cities social norm. The park itself also features these tents with homemade jewelery, art, photography. People make their way into the park through the alleys that line high street in the Short North. High Street is abuzz with people dressed in summer attire and enjoying themselves.
Famous Comfest mug.
        As you make your way into the park the constant vibrations of different types of music can be heard being played at different stages around the park. You want local music, you got it. You want reggae, you got it. You want blues, you got it. You want folk, you got it. You want someone big named, you probably don't got it. But nonetheless you get to hear great musicianship from some of the top acts in such genres as reggae, funk, blues, etc. People enter the park in groups and set up camp in the center of the park, preferably under a giant oak in some lush grass. From there you can set out blankets chairs, coolers, food, drink beer and relax amongst friends. Large groups usually assemble leaving some at the camp while others go out to listen to music, shop or eat at one of the stands set up. Some of the best food you're gonna find by the way. I am gonna make a personal recommendation that you go and have a good time. One other personal recommendation: Try and check out Columbus band The Floorwalkers who play on the Bozo stage at 5:55 p.m. Friday, June 22nd. Below I put an incredible cover of Aloe Blacc's "I need a dollar" the band recorded at a local barbershop. The band will play an after show at Skully's in the Short North. You can catch me there. Enjoy that and the festival if you do go.

Newly released 2012 Comfest program guide.

The Floorwalkers do an incredible cover of Aloe Blacc's "I need a dollar" at the Mug & Brush in Columbus:

Ohio State-Vanderbilt astronomers team up to discover two new planets

One of the planets discovered is a massive, super-hot, puffed-up oddity. In short, the planet "resets the bar for 'weird,'" says Scott Gaudi, an associate professor of astronomy at Ohio State University. (Credit: Julie Turner/Vanderbilt University)
 Article from David Salisbury &

   One planet is a massive, puffed-up oddity that could change ideas of how solar systems evolve. The other orbits a very bright star, and will allow astronomers to make detailed measurements of the atmospheres of these bizarre worlds.

    Vanderbilt University research scientist Robert Siverd and Ohio State University doctoral student Thomas Beatty reported these discoveries for the KELT-North team at the American Astronomical Society national meeting in Anchorage, Alaska. Beatty described the newly discovered planets in a news conference on Wednesday, June 13.

New York men arrested in Ohio for making apparent LSD gummy bears

Three men were arrested by Mentor police for making gummy bears.....that were hallucinogenic. The three men all from the state of New York were stopped in Mentor, a town outside of Cleveland, at a local gas station they were parked at.

When police got to the car they smelled alcohol on the driver, Eric Kenny's breath. They then searched the car and found a gummy bear mold along with ecstasy, bath salts, LSD, xanax, drug paraphernalia and items used to make drugs. Here is the full list from the Mentor Patch
  • several tablets of Ecstasy (MDMA)
  • chemical powders including methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) -- a stimulant that is sometimes used as a recreational drug
  • four grams of marijuana
  • two pipes
  • four digital scales
  • two hand grinders
  • molds to make gummy bears
  • 60 gummy bears
Kenny, Koroshihk, Nemcok.
Wednesday the men, Eric Kenny (22), Arkady Koroshihk (26)  and Michal Nemcok (23), all appeared at the towns municipal court facing a range of  charges from drug possession to traffic violations. The next hearing is scheduled for June 28th and none of the men paid to post bond which was set at around $100k for each man. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sen. Rob Portman front-runner to be Romney VP selection?

Article by Dan Sewell of the AP via

WEST UNION, Ohio—You can almost imagine Mitt Romney checking the boxes in pondering whether Ohio Sen. Rob Portman might be a good running mate.
Senator Portman.

Experienced, steady Washington hand? Check. Represents key swing state? Check. Respected across the Republican Party? Check.
Well-known? No. Charismatic? Hmm.
In a year when being perceived as bland proved not to be a hindrance in capturing the GOP presidential nomination—the cautious Romney team probably prefers reliability over a propensity to "go rogue" a la Sarah Palin—Portman has emerged as someone often talked about in Republican circles as a strong vice presidential choice.
For starters, he has a varied, impressive resume:

Cincinnati area comedy promoter cited for disorderly conduct for using word "crippled"

Bruener on the left and Thomer to right. 
An Ohio comedy promoter was cited with disorderly conduct by Cincinnati Police for referring to a comedian he was promoting as crippled. Ally Bruener , the comedian at the center of the incident really is :crippled", but uses that to her advantage to get laughs and help promote herself. That is all she and the man cited, Forest Thomer, say he was doing when he used the term promoting an upcoming act. Thomer argues he was merely supporting a friend who makes the best of a bad situation and jokes about it instead of dwelling on the negatives. Here is exactly how the two say things happened according to the Coschocton Tribune:

      Forest Thomer, of Cold Spring, Ky., is to appear in a Cincinnati courtroom on the charge Wednesday. He was cited by Cincinnati police in May at a park after he and comedian Ally Bruener said he asked people if they wanted to "laugh at the crippled girl."
Bruener's shirts featuring her catch line.
      The question was not intended to demean his friend Bruener, but to promote her next comedy show and her website, the two said Monday. Bruener, who is in a wheelchair because of the degenerative muscle disorder, said she would approach people after Thomer asked them the question, tell a joke and talk about her next performance. Thomer also would record some of the public's responses for use on Bruener's website, showing people saying: "I laughed at the crippled girl."

Cincinnati Police hold that Thomer was being disruptive and loud as well as marketing at an event that wasn't open to it. The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber was the organization throwing the party in the park which didn't approve of Bruener and Thomer's appearances at the event. 

Here are Bruener and Thomer themselves describing the incident. It's visible that Thomer is a little high strong, possibly what exacerbated the situation and lead to a citation. 

                 Here is a link to Ally's website

State of Ohio to investigate Chesapeake Energy

 Article originally from The Columbus Dispatch via Bloomberg:
June 20--Attorney General Mike DeWine is looking into allegations of fraud by Chesapeake Energy that might have led to investment losses for Ohio pension funds.
Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine.

He said this in a letter to Ohio Citizen Action, an environmental advocacy group that wrote to DeWine this month raising concerns about aspects of Chesapeake's conduct.
"My office is reviewing the retirement system trading data in order to calculate possible losses attributable to the alleged fraud," he said in the letter. "Please be assured that we will monitor the situation and take appropriate action if it appears that Ohio resources have been lost due to fraudulent activity."
A Chesapeake spokesman had no immediate comment.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Akron mother accused of forcing 11 year old into prostitution for cash and cocaine

By Phil Trexler of the Akron Beacon Journal

AKRON, Ohio—The girl says she had been with dozens of middle-age men in Ohio and Mexico — all before she turned 13.

Now, at age 16, she is about to give birth to her third child. She blames her circumstances on her mother, who now sits in the Summit County Jail facing felony prostitution charges for selling the child to Akron-area men.

The sex-for-money arrangement began in 2007, the girl said, when her mother, also a former prostitute, first took her door to door. She sold the child to older men for cash or cocaine.